Mobile &
In-Shop Service

Mobile Transportation Service is a fleet maintenance provider that can manage most of your maintenance needs onsite including trucks, trailers, and dolly converters. MTS is known for having very quick response times which will drastically reduce your downtime so that your equipment can stay on the road working for you where it belongs. We have built a customer base with this philosophy that has seen big improvements in equipment downtime when switching to MTS. We also have a service location which can handle major trailer rebuilds and most major truck repairs. Call us today to set up a meeting with one of our professionals!

Scheduled vs unscheduled maintenance costs: It is said that unscheduled maintenance costs four times the amount that scheduled maintenance costs. In other words if you break down in the field the costs will be more than if the same issue would have been found on a scheduled pm interval during the inspection and repaired at that time. This is due to pre negotiated labor and parts rates, less equipment downtime, no driver downtime, and no freight downtime. There is also a safety factor involved with your equipment being parked on the side of a busy street. We strive to help you and your fleet keep most of your maintenance costs on the scheduled side to save you money and downtime. We understand the importance of preventative maintenance and how it will save you money and resources!